Start your own Salesforce Consultancy

There are also a number of ways that one can start a successful Salesforce Consultancy practice. In this article, we will cover a few commune intersection points between the majority of successful Salesforce Consultancies. These were components of their strategy to success.

1. Salesforce Knowledge

While looking at the existing wave of upcoming successful Salesforce Consultancies, the first thing that becomes obvious is the background of the founders. A large number of founders have a technical/sales split, such as a Technical Architect and a Sales Executive, or a technical/technical.

Outsourcing is not an option!

It is important to actually have a level of technical capabilities within the team. Especially for Salesforce Implementation projects that require a considerable amount of time spent with the client, it does not fit well with outsourcing all technical elements of the project.

2. Concentrate on what you know

When you are looking to start a Salesforce Consultancy, you may want to concentrate on solutions, leads, and clients that relate to a specific industry sector. That sector should relate to your own set of experiences, as your value will be highly increased.

As an example, if you have a background in Financial Services, you will know what are the challenges that are faced by the industry. Additionally, when implementing a new solution, you will have a breadth of background information to support your client.

3. Partner with Salesforce

One of the first targets that you should set yourself when starting the consultancy, is to reach out and find the individual sales executives from Salesforce that operate in the industry or sector that you are targeting. Most of the time, Salesforce will not look to provide professional services to support the implementation of a solution, so they will reach out and engage with their partner ecosystem. You may want to be one of those partners.

4. Learn to Collaborate

There is a range of Salesforce products and services available for companies to purchase, implement, and use. When it comes to implementing projects that require a consulting partner to provide support, most of the time you will have to engage with a set of internal and external stakeholders.

Collaboration is the key to deliver a successful project!

Not only that you need to work together to deliver the project, but by having a positive engagement with another salesforce consulting partner, or stakeholder, it may open the door for future collaboration projects.

5. Deliver on the Salesforce Promise

Salesforce has proven that by using the technology as an enabler and focusing on the people using and interacting with their products, they were able to build this extraordinary community.

As a Salesforce Partner, you are flooded with support and resources from the community and from Salesforce. The support can be with knowledge, such as Trailhead and the Trailblazer Forum, or even sales via the Salesforce Sales Executives. As a Salesforce Partner, you have certain expectations. Now, it is your turn to deliver that promise by putting your customers first and bring value.


It’s quite simple! Learn the technology, engage with the community, and deliver value to your customers.

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