How to grow as a Salesforce Consultant?

This may not be such a difficult question to answer, as Salesforce enthusiasts have a wave of training material available at their fingertips.

Additionally, the Salesforce community is extremely supportive and the amount of valuable content posted on the Salesforce Success forum is unbelievable. Another resource that has been provided by Salesforce is the list of tailored Learning Paths. These are tools and resources to grow your skills as an expert adviser for customer success.

You have access to a range of Paths, such as Sell like Salesforce, Implement like Salesforce, Sales Cloud and more.

As a Salesforce Consultant, you have access to the Implement Like Salesforce Learning Path. The content is broken down in specific sections:

  • Sell Your Services
  • Manage Your Projects
  • Architect & Design
  • Drive Adoption
  • Explore Our Clouds

Even if you are just starting our, the Path is full of valuable resources, such as the Project Management Plan. This is extremely useful if you are planning to manage project, as a Project Plan will most likely support the success of your implementation.

The resources are a combination of carefully curated Trailhead Modules and additional published materials.

Tools & resources to grow your skills as a Salesforce Consultant and provide expert advice for customer success.

A second resource that should not be ignored is the Success and the Partner Forum. Here you will be able to find and engage with other like-minded individuals that may also have followed a similar learning path as you. Additionally, the Forum is full of questions and real project scenarios that other consultants have posted. These posts and community replies will help you better understand different situations and how a certain requirement is approached differently by different Salesforce experts.

The biggest advantage of the Success forum is that it is full of Salesforce Representatives. Additionally, there are a number of Public Groups that are managed by the Salesforce Product Managers, and they use them to promote new feature webinars, free training sessions, new release promotions and more.

Learn, connect, have fun, and give back together. – Trailblazer Community

Overall, if you are looking to step-up your Salesforce expertise and confidence, you can combine the two resources that have been mentioned: Salesforce Learning Path & Success Forum. These options will provide both theoretical material and real project insights.

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