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As a Salesforce Consultant, you may find yourself in a situation where a substantial compensation package is offered to you. This may not always be the best road to embark on.

It is no secret that the market for Salesforce Professionals, including Salesforce Consultants, has been constantly growing for the last 10+ years. While it may seem like it is only a matter of time before the number of professionals will match the number of available positions, currently it does not. For that reason, Salesforce Recruitment Companies and internal Staff Recruitment Managers have been flooding LinkedIn and Email inboxes of Salesforce Professionals with Job offers.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should not specifically look at a very well paid position when choosing your next career opportunity:

1. Work-Life Balance

A better-paid position usually comes with a number of strings attached to the compensation package. One area that should not be dismissed in what will the impact of the newly added responsibilities on to your personal life. When calculating your expected salary, you should also take into consideration the value of your free time.

2. Career Progression

We are now entering into a field of personal preference and aspirations. It is not uncommon to find or be approached by recruiters with better compensation packages for the same job that you are currently delivering. The option to consider the same job at a different organization will depend if you plan to move up in seniority and responsibility, as moving around sideways on the seniority ladder may not be the best option. You should consider more senior positions, rather than the same position.

3. Personal Development

A very simplistic view of deciding if one should consider other opportunities is by evaluating its current personal development situation, using one simple question.

Is there anything else that I can learn in this organization?

If the answer is “No!”, then the case for someone’s departure is stronger.

4. Job Satisfaction

As well as point number three, sometimes the simplest questions provide the most important answers when pondering a major change. When it comes to productivity, mental health, well-being and more, the satisfaction that one receives from their day to day responsibilities, may not be worth sacrificing for a few extra £.

5. Risk

Every decision that we make does come packaged with a set of consequences, good or bad. So by considering a job, career or change of organizations, a level of risk will be associated with that decision. Depending on the country that you are employed, there are different laws about permanent, probation periods, and letting people go. This should be taken into consideration and potentially negotiated with your new employer during the appropriate interview stages.


There is no real right or wrong answer to questions with a number of unknown variables, but now, hopefully, you will take some of the adobe points into consideration.

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