5 Tips To Become a Successful Salesforce Contractor

Being a Salesforce Contractor might be the right challenge for someone who is looking to work on unique projects. It is also an interesting opportunity for growth for those who are bored with the traditional full-time job set up. Perhaps this sounds like you. Perhaps, for the longest time, you’ve thought about handing in your resignation letter and going out into the world to seek out the next step in your career.

Before you decide to take that leap, there are some key pointers you need to know before resigning and joining a world full of possibilities. At SFDC Consultant Podcast, we gathered five of the most important tips that a permanent Salesforce professional should know before becoming a Salesforce contractor.


Networking has always been, and always will be, the best opportunity to find new contacts that may help you get a job or developing yourself as a professional. This is most especially true within the Salesforce community which heavily relies on human interactions. In the early stages of being a Salesforce contractor, you’ll find yourself in a difficult position. You’ll have to work on a number of various projects in order to financially cover your daily needs because contracts won’t simply be falling from the sky. It’s important to spend some time on creating new connections and talking with other Salesforce professionals. This involves going to all sorts of community meetings and other networking events. You will never know where your next project will come from.

Drop The Ego

As David Berman mentioned in an episode of SFDC Consultant Podcast, don’t forget that your job is to work for your client’s interest at any cost. Don’t let your ego ruin a future possible opportunity.

David Berman reminds us to not take it personally if someone rubs off on you the wrong way. “It’s not personal, it’s business,” he shares.

You’ll find yourself working for a lot of different (and potentially difficult) customers and it doesn’t mean that every relationship will be impeccable. As much as the people involved in the job are important, it is more important to fulfill your role as a Salesforce contractor. This brings us to our next tip.

Deliver good work

Focus on your work and make sure you’re delivering the best possible version of the product. The quality of the work you deliver will be the calling card that attracts future projects. In the end, a well-done project will be the one speaking for you at the end of the day. Having a good portfolio will be the stepping stone you need to be offered a wide array of projects you can choose from and be a part of. Being in a position to choose will mean you’ll be able to gain full control over your career. This will help you become the successful Salesforce professional you’ve always wanted to be.

Relationship with recruiters

The reason you’re hired is to help by bringing your experience and knowledge into a specific situation. However, there will be times when clients won’t hear you out, even when you know you’ve found the best solution. Don’t let the heat of the moment make you lose your cool. In the end, you’ll be the one that’s losing. Having a positive relationship with recruiters goes hand-in-hand with networking. Building trust with a satisfied customer will bring you a number of various projects in the future and a repeat client for life.

Expand your business knowledge

Salesforce is getting more sophisticated day by day and a contractor who can keep up with those changes will always be more than useful to a company whose needs change. Luckily enough, having Trailhead as a platform that gives you this possibility, your knowledge can be a key factor that makes a difference between you and another Salesforce Contractor.

Working within the Salesforce ecosystem can be very challenging, as you’re surrounded by professionals, but the SFDC Consultant Podcast tries to cover most of the mandatory information needed by someone who is looking forward to making an improvement in his career. The podcast is available on all major streaming platforms.

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  1. Samdhani

    October 20, 2020

    I’m a basic learner in salesforce platform..please push me up to get success in salesforce.

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